Thursday, 15 March 2012

[SHotN] Karthwasten, The Reach Final

After a few weeks I have finally put a halt to my cluttering of Karthwasten, and send my file to review.

I have made a series of screenshots many yet unpublished scenes or angles, see yourself below (click on them to enlarge)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

[SHotN] Karthwasten, The Reach

Karthwasten is a major city in the South of The Reach, close to Province Hammerfell. The city has Hammefelian influence in building style, and is now occupied by the Nords. Redguard warbands still attack the city from time to time, some areas have been destructed.
In between the attacks, life goes on, and the city of Karthwasten has its own farms and resources within her walls. Long sieges can be taken, before you root out this city, with lavish manors, a large middle class, and ofcourse the poor dogs.
Several inns and taverns, from swampy to classy, three smithies, a few shops, basic magical services, Imperial Cult shrine, a large barracks and thriving Fighter's Guild are some assets of what you will find.

Below I have included some screens of near finished stage, few little things to do here and there, but I wanted to share this new work from past weeks....