Tuesday, 10 June 2014

[CoB] Balmora Shanty Town North

Shanty Town North is a ten shack large community living just outside Balmora city walls upto Balmora Falls on the road to Caldera. It is occupied solely by Dunmer, as its landlord is the Camonna Tong. There will be some quests around this...

Most of the occupants are the Dunmer traders that sells their goods at marketstalls in Balmora, then there is a fisherman, an egg-miner, an alchemist and a CT overseer, that runs the township.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Thursday, 5 June 2014

[P:C] Stirk Appartment Flat (34)

An urgent matter for P:C Stirk, the last interior.....
It is a 4 floor flat with the top floor of an imperial family, the second floor of a Redguard lady that studies magic, the first floor is the communal area with a large kitchen and the basement is for the janitor who runs the kitchen and upholds the building.

[CoB] Gamuaran - Imperial Bandit Cave

Bandits on the Caldera road found there way into Gamuaran Cave just recently. Their carpenter is still building a platform to reach the remnants of a Daedric ruin that sunk into earth swallowed by the hot underearth lava.