Tuesday, 31 January 2012

[CoB] Caldera Pass Stronghold

Caldera Pass Stronghold is located in the mountains between Bitter Coast and West Gash, just North of Caldera Mine. It commands all traffic in and out the Bitter Coast.

[CoB] Ashlands Stronghold

The Ashlands Stronghold is situated within and atop the Foyada Mamaea. The upper stronghold overseen the great depression in the Ashlands just southeast of Ghostgate, and also the foyada itself. It is there to keep raiding bandits and murderous ashlanders at bay.

[CoB] West Ascadian Stronghold

The West Ascadian Stronghold is situated at the most western end of Ascadian Isles atop the mountains, and overlooks Hla Oad as well as Pelagiad. You can reach it with levitation, or via the stronghold entrance at the bottom of the mountains near Pelagiad, see first screens.

[CoB] Northwestern Ascadian Stronghold

Northwestern Ascadian Stronghold is situated at the exit of Foyada Mamaea towards the Ascadian Isles. It is only a small stronghold with no courtyard.

[CoB] Vivec Crossing Stronghold

Vivec Crossing Stronghold is on a small island northwest of Foreign Quarter. It oversees the land connection at a critical point, where two bridges cross the channels. It also has a good view on Pelagiad castle.

[CoB] Northeast Ascadian Stronghold

This is a stronghold on the road crossings just west of Suran, and oversees all road traffic between the western Ascadian isles and Suran as well as towards Dren Plantation.

[CoB] East Ascadian Stronghold

Here some screens of the most eastern one of the Hlaalu strongholds, it is located just northeast of Vivec, in the Ascadian isles. Like all other strongholds it is guarded by GHG. This particular stronghold has its own potion stock.

Friday, 27 January 2012

[CoB] New Banners

I have added some new utility or shop specific banners nicely done by NZdawghaus, who used some bits of Shagan-fury (Pack Guar) and Dongle's Oblivion Font, rest is by him. See screens:

[CoB] Southern Hlaalu Trading Post

The Southern Hlaalu Trading Post is a walled market located near Vivec Hlaalu Canton, on the crossroads between Ebonheart, Seyda Neen and Pelagiad, and serves the people from these locations. It covers nearly all kinds of misc. items. Also some clothing, weapons and armor are sold inside. There is a Pack Guar service.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

[CoB] Northern Hlaalu Trading Post

The Northern Hlaalu Trading Post is a small walled market, close to the Gnaar Mok Stronghold and situated on the main roads between Balmora via Caldera and Ald'ruhn, Gnaar Mok and Gnisis. The area is Redoran, however as the Redoran have so much difficulty in trading they have agreed that the trading post can be built on their territory, not rented but Redoran merchants get a discount if they buy there, also keeping them out of Hlaalu territory, but for them ease and convenient.

It has several traders, misc items outside and better wares are found inside. Also a pack guar service is there.

[CoB] Gnaar Mok Stronghold

Gnaar Mok Stronghold is a Hlaalu bastion at the spot where you exit the Bitter Coast near the Dunmer Stronghold Andasreth into the Redoran West Gash.
It protects Gnaar Mok as well as the Northern Hlaalu Trading Post that lays just ahead in the WG. It also oversees the activities of the Dunmer Stronghold, and will not let them pass in Hlaalu territory.

Friday, 20 January 2012

[CoB] Fort Muckmoth

I have decided to make a nice fort on the same island as Mathi Agea. It oversees all the land between the fort and Red Mountain, as well as all the land south, souheast until Vivec. In between those are other landmarks like Balmora Fortress and Ebonheart. Also note the overview on the whole Bitter Coast, the daedric ruins, Hla Oad, and pirates, upto Seyda Neen where you first got off the boat....

It still needs some exterior work and cluttering, more later...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

[CoB] Misc Merchants

Below you will find an overview of what misc. items can be bought and restocked in which city(ies).

                                        Balmora           Suran              Mathi Agea
Com Redware                       x
De Redware                          x                     x                       x
De Blueware                         x                      x                      x
Com Wooden                       x                      x
De Glassware                        x                      x                      x
Baskets                                 x                      x                       x
Music                                                           x                       x
Pillows                                                          x                       x
Goblets                                                                                  x
Bottles                                   x                                               x
Buckets                                                          x                      x
Other                                                             x                       x
Mage supplies                                                x
Silverware                              x  

[CoB] Weapon Merchants

Below you will find an overview of what weapons can be bought and restocked at which city(ies);
The merchants always have the full set for sale.

                                         Balmora            Suran          Mathi Agea
Chitin                                       x                                            x
Iron                                         x                   x                       x
Steel                                                            2x                       x
Silver                                                            x                        x
Dwemer                                  (x)1
Dreugh                                                          x
Ebony                                                         (x)2
Daedric                                                                                (x)3
Orcish                                       x
Glass                                       (x)4                                         x
Imperial                                                                                  x
Nordic                                                          x                        x
Cheap Staffs                                                 x

1: in sewers
2: is only available at rank councilman
3: is only available at rank grandmaster
4: is only available at rank councilman

[CoB] Armor Merchants

Below you will find an overview of what armors can be bought and restocked at which city(ies);
The merchants always have the full set for sale.      

                                         Balmora          Suran          Mathi Agea 
Light Armor 
Chitin                                        x                                            x
Fur                                                                  x                      x
Netch                                        x                   2x                     x
Imperial Newt                                                                         x
Imperial Studded                                                                     x
Glass                                        (x)1 

Medium Armor 
Bonemold Armun-An                                       x                     x
Bonemold Kirmun-An              (x)2                (x)2                 (x)2
Imperial Chain                                                                         x
Imperial Dragonscale                                                               x
Orcish                                       x
Dreugh                                                            x
Adamantium                                                    x

Heavy Armor 
Iron                                           x                                            x
Steel                                          x                    x
Imperial Silver                                                                         x
Nordic                                                            x                      x
Nordic Trollbone                                             x                      x
Dwemer                                  (x)3
Ebony                                                            (x)4
Daedric                                                                                 (x)5

1: is only available at rank councilman
2: is only available at GHG smiths
3: in sewers
4: only available at rank councilman
5: only available at rank grandmaster

The remaining parts of Dragonbone Armor with enchantments can be found in various locations, all over Vvardenfell as artefacts.                    

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

[CoB] Imperial Armors

Below an overview of the general use of Imperial Armors

- Imperial Studded Armor:                   Imperial Archers
- Imperial Newtscale Armor:                Imperial Intelligence
- Imperial Chain Armor:                       Imperial Spearmen
- Imperial Dragonscale Armor:             Imperial Nord Commando Troops
- Imperial Heavy Armor:                      Imperial Infantry
- Imperial Templar Armor:                   Imperial Knights
- Imperial Silver Armor                        Imperial Guard

Individuals in CoB that serve the Imperial Legion will have their armor suited as depicted above.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

[CoB] Some Armor Additions

I have decided to add a whole lot of vanilla friendly armor, mainly to complete some armorsets and to have more to collect, and merchandise;

- Imperial Silver Armor by Alaisiagae 
- Imperial Chain Armor by quorn
- Imperial Newtscale Armor by quorn
- Imperial Dragonscale Armor by Alaisiagae 
- Imperial Studded Armor by quorn
- Dreugh Armor by quorn
- Trollbone Armor by quorn
- Dragonbone Armor by Jayson

The Dragonbone Armor however, will be used to make a set of artifacts to match the cuirass and helm, and will be well hidden or difficult to obtain and located all over Vvardenfell.

Still thinking of using Morag Tong Armor by Alaisiagae and I will post some screens of the new sets later.

The imperial armors' cuirasses (studded, newt, dragonscale) will now serve as legion uniform.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

[CoB] Banking and Merchants

Balmora now has the Hlaalu Bank, a centralized bank bordering the Merchant District and Balmora Market.

- You can place and redraw savings, money untouched for a year will give you 3% interest.
- You can place your jewels and gain a little fame

The Hlaalu Merchants added by CoB, will have a new feature, you can increase their stock by selling them the very items that they restock to a preset amount, let's say 250 saltrice. If you sell 240 as the merchant has already 10, you get a bonus from the merchant, i.e some special potions and a sum of gold

There is a preset amount that is given in dialogue for every dunmer item, and a very few common items; like bottles, pillows and such, that are sold on markets and in shops. This also means armor, clothing, jewelry, alchemist etc shops that restock.

Shortly there is a restocking merchant for about anything you can carry, although some can only be reached if you are member of Great Hlaalu Guard. And not all can be reached in one city, and some in every city. Each city has now it's own products ever trading with the other Hlaalu, and imperials ofcourse.