Friday, 30 December 2011

[CoB] Player Owned Manor

Please comment in a reply (reacties link below the post) on what you would like to see and have in your Ownable Manor, it will be difficult to obtain (Great Hlaalu Guard Questline), but as large as needed to hold everything you can think of. I will only use the Hlaalu tileset and the furniture/containers that belong to it. It will be located within Balmora, between High Town and Market Plaza.

Monday, 26 December 2011

[CoB] Hlaalu Sewers

As you might have seen in the Balmora video at 7:25-8:25, I have made an extensive sewer under Balmora. Making such sewers is tonnes of work, so I have initiated a poll to see what you gamers want.

Other possible locations for sewers are Suran and Mathi Agea, a new city offshore the Bitter Coast.

Monday, 19 December 2011

[CoB] Gnaar Mok Video

I am getting better at making videos...well far from perfect :)
This one is a short walk though Gnaar Mok. Find the link under CoB on YouTube, or just click the link below;

Gnaar Mok Video

[CoB] Gnaar Mok

Gnaar Mok is a large village in the northern part of Hlaalu territory, I have doubled it in size and added some industries to the manor. Also a second long boat service in the harbour.

[CoB] Hla Oad

Hla Oad is a Hlaalu village just NW of Seyda Neen where you get off the boat at the start of the game, and is also reachable from Rethan Manor. I have doubled the size of the original village, and put another longboat in its harbour. Also a new manor with utility buildings, where the new locals found some work.

Monday, 12 December 2011

[SHotN] 'Amber Guard 06' The Bear Clan

I have not been updating the blog much lately, for one I did following interior, and ofcourse I have played a lot of Skyrim :) So excuses if I have kept you waiting, i will post more regularly from January 2012 onwards.

This is my first interior for Skyrim-Home of the Nords, and it is the largest building in the village Amber Guard, base of the "Bear Clan". As you can see not much 'vanilla' items left, except bottles!!!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

[CoB] Tea and its Properties

The YMG uses tea as their icon, they research and exploit its properties to the fullest, here the specifications;

Comberry Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 30, chance none 80%
Restore Fatigue, Restore Magicka, Cure Common Disease, Restore Willpower

Gold Kanet Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 40, chance none 80%
Restore Health, Fortify Magicka, Blind, Restore Strength

Hackle-Lo Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 50, chance none 80%
Restore Fatigue, Restore Health, Cure Paralyzation, Restore Luck

Stoneflower Petal Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 40, chance none 80%
Restore Magicka, Fortify Magicka, Night Eye, Fortify Personality

Like all other ingredients these can be combined into potions, with only mixing teas you can get Restore Magicka, Fortify Magicka and Restore Health potions. Some properties of the original plants retained, so combining them with tea leaf enhances those properties, i.e. Stoneflower Petals as well as its Tea Leaf both have Fortify Personality, very useful :)

[CoB] Great Hlaalu Guard (GHG)

The Great Hlaalu Guard faction is the elite Hlaalu guard and can be found in all Hlaalu settlements but has its HQ and main training facilities in the Hlaalu capital Balmora. Their tasks are to build, uphold and man all Hlaalu outer defences, guard areas of special attention like markets, some shops prone to thievery, and harbours. The questline will be rather long and involving, with simple and very complicated or dangerous tasks.
Several members will provide services to members only, though no master trainers (lvl 85 max) except for the medium armor skill (due the vanilla difficulties to train to master level).

Favoured Attributes: Strength and Willpower (base lvl 30)

Favoured Skills: Speechcraft, Marksman, Acrobatics, Destruction, Athletics, Long Blade and Medium Armor

[CoB] Young Mage's Gathering (YMG)

Young Mage's Gathering is a faction that can be found in all Hlaalu settlements, more prevalent in some, more hidden in other settlements. A trademark for the guild is tea, and teaparties or gatherings. Ofcourse the Mages Guild doesn't like the fact they exist, however I will keep the questlines seperate and both factions can be joined simultaneously. Several members provide services to members only, though no master trainers (lvl 85 max) except for the enchant skill (due the vanilla difficulties to train to master level).

Favoured Attributes: Intelligence and Willpower (base lvl 30)

Favoured Skills: Unarmored, Restoration, Mysticism, Conjuration, Alteration, Destruction and Enchant

Thursday, 27 October 2011

[CoB] Hlaalu Shipping Lanes

Hlaalu are masters in the Longboat services, and you can travel with the longboat from:

Balmora        -> Suran, Hla Oad, Gnaar Mok and Mathi Agea
Suran            -> Balmora, Hla Oad, Gnaar Mok and Mathi Agea
Hla Oad        -> Balmora, Suran, Gnaar Mok and Mathi Agea
Gnaar Mok   -> Balmora, Suran, Hla Oad and Mathi Agea
Mathi Agea   -> Balmora, Suran, Hla Oad and Gnaar Mok

They also use a ship service from Mathi Agea-> Ebonheart, Molag Mar, Sadrith Mora and Dagon Fel.

More shipping lanes can be placed and used if Tamriel Rebuilt finishes Map 4 and 5, which unfortunately takes a decade probably.

[CoB] Balmora Video

My second attempt on making videos. This one covers Balmora and is a bit longer than Suran. Find the link under the header CoB on YouTube, on the left pane or click below.

Balmora Video (YouTube)

[CoB] Suran Video

For the first time in my life I have made a video, so expect it to be a bit crappy haha. It is of Suran and I linked it to a link section in lower left on this page, see the header CoB on YouTube or click the link below.

I will add more videos as I go on, eventually I might get good at it :D

Suran Video (YouTube)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

[CoB] Mathi Agea Stalls Overview

A list of market stalls in Mathi Agea, most restock a part of what they sell.

Market Merchants;
  • Bosmer Common Robes
  • Dunmer Common Clothing
  • Nord Iron Armor
  • Dunmer Glass Items
  • Orc Iron Weapons
  • Ashlander Chitin Weapons/Armor
  • Breton Pillows
  • Dunmer Pottery/Redware
  • Dunmer Misc Items
  • Dunmer Blueware
  • Altmer Apparati

Passenger Harbour Merchants;
  • Bosmer Food&Drink

a few more will follow

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

[CoB] Suran Rich Merchants

Some interiors of the rich merchants in Suran.

[CoB] Mathi Agea Bitter Coast Jungle

Mathi Agea is for 3/4 surrounded with a thick jungle, with many natural resources and critters.

[CoB] Mathi Agea Manor District

Mathi Agea Manor District is on high ground off the Passenger Harbour and Poor District, it holds several manors, some utilities and a Council Manor.

[CoB] Mathi Agea Passenger Harbour

Mathi Agea Passenger Harbour is located between the Factory District, Manor District, Rich Merchant District and Bulk Harbour and it has a large inland dock for ships to Ebonheart, Molag Mar, Sadrith Mora and Dagon Fel. A longboat service to all Hlaalu settlements is reachable from the sea dock in the northwest. It has 2 Guard Towers, an Imperial agent, GHG HQ, Warehouse, and Shipmasters house.

[CoB] Suran Stalls Overview

A list of market stalls in Suran, most restock a part of what they sell.

Market Merchants;
  • Orc Steel Armor
  • Dunmer Blueware
  • Dunmer Pottery/Redware
  • Dunmer Steel Weapons
  • Altmer Mage Supplies
  • Dunmer Wooden Items
  • Redguard Common Clothing
  • Nord Nordic Weapons/Armor
  • Breton Robes
  • Bosmer Staffs
  • Dunmer Pillows
  • Dunmer Music
  • Dunmer Glass Items

Passenger Harbour Stalls;
  • Nord Publician
  • Breton Food

Rich Merchant District Stalls;
  • Dunmer Netch Armor
  • Khajiit Iron Weapons
  • Bosmer Hunter
  • Argonian Food&Drink

[CoB] Balmora Stalls Overview

A list of market stalls in Balmora, most restock a part of what they sell.

Market Merchants;
  • Orc Bottles 
  • Dumner Blueware 
  • Khajiit Iron Armor 
  • Imperial Iron/Nordic Weapons 
  • Dunmer Chitin Armor/Weapons 
  • Imperial Com Redware 
  • Dunmer Common Clothing 
  • Dunmer Pottery/Redware 
  • Redguard Healer Service 
  • Bosmer Marksman and Netch Armor 
  • Altmer Publicians 

Harbour Merchants;
  • Nord Publician
  • Dunmer Food
  • Khajiit Thief Stall
  • Ashlander Clothing

Riverside Merchants;
  • Breton Healer/Food
  • Dunmer Glass Items
  • Redguard Baskets
  • Dunmer Lights
  • Orc Smith

Poor District Merchants;
  • Argonian Hunter
  • Dunmer Wooden Items
  • Khajiit Assassin
  • Argonian Trader

[CoB] Suran Poor District

Suran Poor District reaches from the hanging bridge gate towards the Rich Merchant District, and holds the Stiltstrider, a couple of houses and a Camonna Tong hall. A few stalls make it complete.

[CoB] Suran Rich Merchant District

The Rich Merchant District is a rather large inverted L-shape road bordering the north and east of the Market District. It has mainly shops, and two competing inns with a few cheap stalls scattered along.

[CoB] Suran Market District

Like Balmora and Mathi Agea, Suran has a Market District with many traders, it has direct access to all but the Poor District. Surrounding the market are half the vanilla interiors for easy locating.

[CoB] Suran Manor District

Suran Manor District consists of several manors some with utility buildings like brewery, and a Suran councilhouse. It also has a guard tower and several gardens. You can only reach the Temple by crossing the district.

[CoB] Suran Bulk Harbour

Suran Bulk Harbour is the goods harbour of the city. It has a warehouse, a harbour office, a pawnbroker and a guard tower.