Monday, 26 December 2011

[CoB] Hlaalu Sewers

As you might have seen in the Balmora video at 7:25-8:25, I have made an extensive sewer under Balmora. Making such sewers is tonnes of work, so I have initiated a poll to see what you gamers want.

Other possible locations for sewers are Suran and Mathi Agea, a new city offshore the Bitter Coast.


  1. I think having the sewers be something unique to Balmora as far as Hlaalu cities go increases the "specialness" of it. Otherwise, it just becomes one more standard feature that you can find "everywhere." Your Hlaalu sewers are absolutely fantastic, and they should be kept to Balmora. It also makes less work for you, which means the mod will likely be released sooner - and as a Hlaalu aficionado, I am very much looking forward to it.

  2. thank you for your reply, just that what you have said is what made me initiate a poll.

    It would take about 1 month to 6 weeks to make these sewers for both cities.

  3. On the subject about the sewers, they look awesome but they also look out of place. What I mean is that they are too bright and clean for sewers. Have you ever played the "Underground" mod? Thats what I think real sewers would look like... with an exception of less clutter in the water. :D

    ~The Khan

  4. Sure thing Praedator! I've never tried modding myself, but what you and some of the others in the community do is absolutely phenomenal. I hadn't played Morrowind for years until recently, and I am not really into a lot of games, but everything that you have all done really had made me want to come back to Morrowind.

    Back to the sewer issue - as an end "consumer"(so to speak!) of your mod, I'd rather have it out and playable sooner with one great set of sewers under Balmora than wait more months to get others. I also really stand by the notion that if it's the only set of sewers in Hlaalu territory, it makes it unique and therefore much more special. Finally, I know you're also working on some of the province mods, and your time may be better spent working on those and improving other parts of CoB.

    As far as them being "dirty" or "clean," it would make some sense for cities to keep cleaner sewers, especially if there are a number of people living/selling things down there. I don't see it as a "problem" at all, but of course that's debatable.

  5. @The Kahn: the sewers are still WIP, and yes a bit bright, but that is easily solved with the lighting settings. As for clean(proper) I might add some moss, bit of clutter, but don't forget that most parts are used frequently by inhabitants and the poor collect misc items (junk) to sell on the market.

    @anonymous: ty for you nice reply, work on the province mods is a multi-year plan, my mod will be worked on daily, and for shifting concentration and fresh insight I make work for the province mods in between. So in effect it will not delay very much and what is 6 weeks for such a large expansion. I rather publish it near-perfect in feel and technique than to rush to a release.
    I aim to release a Beta in spring, and maybe a year of questing as I am very new to that.
    Unfortunately there is no setting for filthy walls and walkways, so this will have to do, yet lighting setting can be better I have to admit.

  6. Yup, I know the province mods are multi year things. Been following TR for a while - it'll probably be another decade or more before TR, SHOTN, and PC have full provinces.

    Agreed on the near-perfection. There's nothing more horrible in Morrowind than a bad mod.

    Thanks, and good luck!

    ~ Anonymous