Friday, 30 December 2011

[CoB] Player Owned Manor

Please comment in a reply (reacties link below the post) on what you would like to see and have in your Ownable Manor, it will be difficult to obtain (Great Hlaalu Guard Questline), but as large as needed to hold everything you can think of. I will only use the Hlaalu tileset and the furniture/containers that belong to it. It will be located within Balmora, between High Town and Market Plaza.


  1. Any chance to have lots of mannequins to display armor?

    As a side note and entirely out of curiosity - I know this is going to be an alternative to Rethan Manor. If the player decides to opt for the Ownable Manor, what happens to Rethan Manor? Does it just not get built? Does another Hlaalu retainer get it?

    ~ Anonymous

  2. I will add mannequins in a display room in basement.

    I am not sure yet what I want to do with Rethan Manor there are some different options, as Rethan Manor is part of the Hlaalu questline, and my manor is part of the Great Hlaalu Guard, and also Hlaalu questline as both factions will be closely related.

    What I can tell is that the ownable manor will be massive, and only obtained at the end of the questline, whereas Rethan Manor can be obtained much earlier, problem is how to measure if the player moves from RM to Ownable manor, so I still am thinking...

  3. The player could acquire both? Get Rethan Manor first by requiring the player to go through a large chunk of the regular Hlaalu questline before reaching the GHG questline, and then, at the very end of both the Hlaalu and GHG questlines, get the ownable manor in Balmora? It may be overkill though to have both.

    Another option could be to have the player not be able to own Rethan if she/he owns the new manor, but able to assign Rethan to some NPC that the player sponsors once he/she becomes head of House Hlaalu and/or the GHG faction. Depending on what path the player takes, the NPC would either be a Morag Tong type or a trader/pro-Empire type. Perhaps Rethan could even have been assigned previously to an NPC on the "other side" of Hlaalu politics to where the player is (e.g., if the player is pro-Empire, then the NPC who has Rethan would be pro-Morag Tong), and the player has to help the protegee NPC "recover it" after the player becomes head of Hlaalu. I have no idea how technically difficult that might be.

    For whatever my personal opinion is worth, it would be neat to keep Rethan Manor in the game in some form (whether owned by the player, having it assignable to an NPC protegee of the player, or simply given to some other high level Hlaalu NPC).

  4. I said a I am still thinking (considering) possibilities.

    I have this thought as Rethan Manor is really not much more than any empty house in Balmora, especially so as you do not have many room, nor room for storing, nor its services are very interesting.

    This said I do not want to change the vanilla way to much, and do not much else then add on to the main quest. I am hesistant on removing, or altering the Hlaalu questline much.

    However assigning it to a Rethan councillor could be a good idea, yet Ownable Manor does not have a 3 phase building policy.

    Also there is a Rethan councillor if you play another House for instance, I just may use him as councillor to minimize troubles.

    This is why I said I am still thinking, I must go through all possibilities, and see what fits best. Thank you for your reply and concerns though as it gives different insights.

  5. Absolutely! Just wanted to two cents for whatever it's worth. Happy new years and good luck with the modding!