Thursday, 5 January 2012

[CoB] Banking and Merchants

Balmora now has the Hlaalu Bank, a centralized bank bordering the Merchant District and Balmora Market.

- You can place and redraw savings, money untouched for a year will give you 3% interest.
- You can place your jewels and gain a little fame

The Hlaalu Merchants added by CoB, will have a new feature, you can increase their stock by selling them the very items that they restock to a preset amount, let's say 250 saltrice. If you sell 240 as the merchant has already 10, you get a bonus from the merchant, i.e some special potions and a sum of gold

There is a preset amount that is given in dialogue for every dunmer item, and a very few common items; like bottles, pillows and such, that are sold on markets and in shops. This also means armor, clothing, jewelry, alchemist etc shops that restock.

Shortly there is a restocking merchant for about anything you can carry, although some can only be reached if you are member of Great Hlaalu Guard. And not all can be reached in one city, and some in every city. Each city has now it's own products ever trading with the other Hlaalu, and imperials ofcourse.

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