Saturday, 14 January 2012

[CoB] Some Armor Additions

I have decided to add a whole lot of vanilla friendly armor, mainly to complete some armorsets and to have more to collect, and merchandise;

- Imperial Silver Armor by Alaisiagae 
- Imperial Chain Armor by quorn
- Imperial Newtscale Armor by quorn
- Imperial Dragonscale Armor by Alaisiagae 
- Imperial Studded Armor by quorn
- Dreugh Armor by quorn
- Trollbone Armor by quorn
- Dragonbone Armor by Jayson

The Dragonbone Armor however, will be used to make a set of artifacts to match the cuirass and helm, and will be well hidden or difficult to obtain and located all over Vvardenfell.

Still thinking of using Morag Tong Armor by Alaisiagae and I will post some screens of the new sets later.

The imperial armors' cuirasses (studded, newt, dragonscale) will now serve as legion uniform.

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