Tuesday, 25 October 2011

[CoB] Suran Stalls Overview

A list of market stalls in Suran, most restock a part of what they sell.

Market Merchants;
  • Orc Steel Armor
  • Dunmer Blueware
  • Dunmer Pottery/Redware
  • Dunmer Steel Weapons
  • Altmer Mage Supplies
  • Dunmer Wooden Items
  • Redguard Common Clothing
  • Nord Nordic Weapons/Armor
  • Breton Robes
  • Bosmer Staffs
  • Dunmer Pillows
  • Dunmer Music
  • Dunmer Glass Items

Passenger Harbour Stalls;
  • Nord Publician
  • Breton Food

Rich Merchant District Stalls;
  • Dunmer Netch Armor
  • Khajiit Iron Weapons
  • Bosmer Hunter
  • Argonian Food&Drink


  1. I'm really curious to see some of the items being sold. Separating wares by race is a cool way to culturally express each one.

  2. well it is not exactly like that, but near to it. like de stuff is only sold by Dunmer, but steel armor by anyone, chitin by dark elves (both Dunmer and Ashlanders), orcish armor by an orc ofcourse :)

  3. Ah, I see. Do you plan on using any resources from TR in this mod?