Saturday, 29 October 2011

[CoB] Great Hlaalu Guard (GHG)

The Great Hlaalu Guard faction is the elite Hlaalu guard and can be found in all Hlaalu settlements but has its HQ and main training facilities in the Hlaalu capital Balmora. Their tasks are to build, uphold and man all Hlaalu outer defences, guard areas of special attention like markets, some shops prone to thievery, and harbours. The questline will be rather long and involving, with simple and very complicated or dangerous tasks.
Several members will provide services to members only, though no master trainers (lvl 85 max) except for the medium armor skill (due the vanilla difficulties to train to master level).

Favoured Attributes: Strength and Willpower (base lvl 30)

Favoured Skills: Speechcraft, Marksman, Acrobatics, Destruction, Athletics, Long Blade and Medium Armor


  1. Out of curiosity, will they receive their own uniform, distinguishing them from the standard guards?

  2. not yet no, it looks like Hlaalu Guard, but stats are increased, to become Kirmun-An

  3. Ah, okay. There's certainly a lot of bonemold variants floating around as it is.

  4. Well I have not much interest in searching, I rather work with a good modeller who can make what I would like to see.

  5. I don't know if you saw the bonemold armor I made for my mod.

    I think it turned out fairly well, I wouldn't mind lending a hand with some new armor if you had a concept. I have a feeling just some simple tweaks on the Hlaalu guard armor would be enough to differentiate them.

  6. I could sure need a hand, let me come back on this armor when I have a clear idea how it should be, thanks a lot Melchior, I really appreciate it.