Saturday, 29 October 2011

[CoB] Tea and its Properties

The YMG uses tea as their icon, they research and exploit its properties to the fullest, here the specifications;

Comberry Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 30, chance none 80%
Restore Fatigue, Restore Magicka, Cure Common Disease, Restore Willpower

Gold Kanet Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 40, chance none 80%
Restore Health, Fortify Magicka, Blind, Restore Strength

Hackle-Lo Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 50, chance none 80%
Restore Fatigue, Restore Health, Cure Paralyzation, Restore Luck

Stoneflower Petal Tea Leaf: weight 0.05, value 40, chance none 80%
Restore Magicka, Fortify Magicka, Night Eye, Fortify Personality

Like all other ingredients these can be combined into potions, with only mixing teas you can get Restore Magicka, Fortify Magicka and Restore Health potions. Some properties of the original plants retained, so combining them with tea leaf enhances those properties, i.e. Stoneflower Petals as well as its Tea Leaf both have Fortify Personality, very useful :)


  1. Neat idea to use tea as their unifying trait. So they are mainly focused on Alchemy then? Do they dabble in poisons (since it seems that Hlaalu might have use of such a service)?

    Or is tea just their main source of income?

  2. No main focus of YMG is magic, and tea is like their brand, few YMG alchemists exist ofcourse, also restocking few tea traders, if you can find them. Tea has superb properties vor adventurers/mages that is why they use it.
    No poisons involved, but gives me some ideas, thanks man :)

  3. No problem, I like discussing stuff like this :D

    Do they make the tea leaves themselves? If so they'd need gardens, I'd assume.

  4. no it is found on the actual plants, 80% chance of none, so rare ingredient

  5. Are you still working on this? It's exactly what I've always been looking for and it's been more than a Month since the last update. If you are still working on it than you need a bit more clutter around the streets. Tea is something that the Vanilla Morrowind was lacking. I also like how they have attributes too.

  6. yes still working on it, as well as for province mods, and playing Skyrim since it came out. Updates will follow soon...