Tuesday, 25 October 2011

[CoB] Mathi Agea Passenger Harbour

Mathi Agea Passenger Harbour is located between the Factory District, Manor District, Rich Merchant District and Bulk Harbour and it has a large inland dock for ships to Ebonheart, Molag Mar, Sadrith Mora and Dagon Fel. A longboat service to all Hlaalu settlements is reachable from the sea dock in the northwest. It has 2 Guard Towers, an Imperial agent, GHG HQ, Warehouse, and Shipmasters house.


  1. That dock looks awesome Praedator, I haven't seen someone fully surrounding the dock area like that yet. Looks very usable.

    btw look at Dasgon Fell in this post. It's Dagon Fel :D

  2. Thank you Melchior, I shall remove the typo cheers :)